Title: Welcome to Kandahar
Synopsis: It’s 2006: Major Rebecca Gordon (Michelle Borth, “Hawaii Five-O”), a highly-trained trauma surgeon, and Captain Bobby Trang (Terry Chen, “Sanctuary”), a brand-new doctor, report for duty at the NATO Role 3 Multinational Medical Unit at Kandahar Airfield. Perched at the edge of the airfield and built out of plywood and canvas held together with duct tape, the temporary building that houses the Role 3 shakes every time a plane takes off. The hospital’s commander, Colonel Xavier Marks (Elias Koteas, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”), tells the newcomers to expect an experience unlike any they’ve had before. Rebecca thinks she can handle anything, while Bobby is acutely conscious of his inexperience. They both get off to a rocky start, as Colonel Marks points out Rebecca’s mistakes and tries to build Bobby’s confidence. But over the next 48 hours, as they deal with rocket attacks, flying shrapnel and wave after wave of injured and wounded U.S. Marines, Canadian soldiers, Afghan civilians and even a Taliban prisoner, they manage to rise to the challenge, even as they grow more and more exhausted.

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